Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fabricated Drama

Some people have a knack for creating drama where there needn't be any. I see it and experience it time and time again. I wish there was some other way in which they could find happiness rather than creating tense, dramatic situations during periods of time which otherwise would be calm and peaceful. 

Drama happens enough on its own. For instance, the other day a couple helped me with a big project for most of the afternoon. Life was great and we went shopping and later enjoyed a bottle of wine after the work was over. Then, without warning, the couple was advised of a serious family emergency requiring a no notice six hour drive leaving at 8PM. My point? There is enough drama in life without creating additional opportunities.

What is needless drama? Picking a fight with a friend or a spouse over a long thought settled issue. That constitutes fabricated drama.  Another example might be being a "poop" in the middle of the mall because the group is moving too quickly or too slowly. I admit to being this kind of drama queen on at least one on occasion. 

People who preach doom and gloom on an otherwise sunny day? Fabricated drama queens!

Another form of fabricated drama is setting unreasonable expectations for others and then being disappointed and holding it against them after they make an admirable effort to comply. 

Drama queens as they are called are just dying to make themselves the center of the occasion or situation. It is a self centered approach that commandeers a situation at the expense of others. We've all seen it happen. The recognition gained for introducing fabricated drama is generally negative. 

Get over it and help others to enjoy the day rather than focusing on needless drama. The drama in life will come about all on its own, no assistance is required.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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