Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time Lapse Storm

Thursday Morning
February 13, 2014
While reviewing the aftermath of the great Valentines Day storms, I realized that I had taken a time-lapse imagery session of my driveway and the street in the aftermath of the storm.

I am still amazed how quickly the 46 degree day on Friday helped to get the snow and ice off critical driving surfaces. I am also amazed that I was shoveling snow and ice until late in the afternoon. I never finished clearing everything until about 4:30 pm on Friday and was braced for up to five more inches of snow which thankfully never materialized. 
Friday Morning
February 14, 2014

It took time to get the snow removed. But most of all, it took sunshine. And that was the amazing part. For all of the work it took to remove the snow, shovel by shovel, the snow melted it and made the biggest difference.
Friday Afternoon
February 14, 2014

My biggest shock was how quickly the street cleaned up after the plow finally came. The street went from snow packed and icy to wet and very passable is a few short hours. All due to the sun.

And so, another storm has passed and by the end of this week, the temperatures will be in the 50's and maybe we can say good-bye to the snow for the rest of the season.

Next year I'm going to pay off the ground hog so he doesn't see his shadow!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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