Friday, February 28, 2014

Orioles Baseball 2014--It Begins Anew

It is here. The inaugural Orioles Spring Training game will occur today at 1:05 PM against the Tampa Bay Rays. I liked their name a lot more when it was the Devil Rays!

Bring on the Boys of Summer and the unofficial first day of Spring, despite the temperatures being in the teens. It is warm in Florida and in the hearts of true Orioles fans everywhere. 

I checked the baseball scores for the first Spring Training games of the season last evening while flying home from Anchorage. It made me 15 degrees warmer just thinking about baseball.

Did I really care that the Pirates beat the Yankees? Or that the Rangers pummeled the Royals? Well, I always like seeing the Yankees lose (they are 0-2 so far in Spring Training games)--but in reality my interest was more to confirm that MLB Baseball was back. And in a few weeks I will take to the field with Mike as we surge forward for a second season of T-Ball. And despite the weather--Spring is here!

Take me out to the ball game! 

I'll see you at the Yards! And maybe even in Sarasota in a few weeks!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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