Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blue Sky Day

Receding Snow in My Yard
In a stunning change to the cold and oppressive weather pattern of the past few weeks, yesterday was glorious! Absolutely glorious.

Blue sky and warmer temperatures which actually flirted with and then made exactly 60 degrees about 4 PM made for a fantastic day. The snow of the past few weeks is melting, the yard is soggy--too soggy to walk on it, but the day was a memorable one because I didn't waste it. I enjoyed it from start to finish and I know I stood for moments at a time enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face and marveling at the depth of the blue sky.

I can believe that Spring is close! I dearly want Spring to arrive and rescue my heating bill from Winter's grip. I think we set a new record last month! Ugh! I don't like records like that.

Even my new Fitbit enjoyed the day, logging over 14,000 steps as I fully enjoyed the great day that had been provided for my activities. Yes, there was a long walk, but I also the last basketball game of the season for Ethan and Jax. It was kind of sad, but the ending means that baseball and lacrosse are close at hand and the transition from inside to outside sports is about to begin. Yay. 

Today is dawning bright, too. Maybe I will enjoy two days in a row of great February, unseasonably warm weather! The forecast is for a week is cold weather as the polar vortex returns, however, maybe, just maybe it will be Winter's last gasp!

Here's hoping.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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