Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ice: In the Grip of Winter

Although there has been a bit more sunshine lately, the temperatures are still too cold to think and the ice on the collection pond, as seen through my daughter's window, confirms my suspicion that is is just too cold outside. 

Fortunately there is a fence around the collection pond or I am sure someone would have drowned trying to ice skate on the seeming inviting ring of ice. 

There is no snow in the area and so looking out the window, except for this circle of ice, might lead one to believe that spring is close. But it is not.

With daily high temperatures in the low 30's--often not breaking above freezing, the region continues firmly in the arctic grip of Winter longing for warmth and moderate temperatures. It is supposed to reach 36 degrees today! It may feel like a heatwave when it does, except for the snow that is supposed to accompany the more moderate temperatures.

I guess I'm a bit jealous that some of my family are lucky enough to be traveling to warmer climates. Some are leaving today on a cruise for the Bahamas and diving, while others are enjoying the relative warmth of Barcelona (yup Spain) on the Mediterranean coast where the temperatures are cool in the 50's-and 60's, but compared to 20's and 30's it must seem like a summer heat wave.

Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training this week--so summer and warmer temperatures cannot be too far off. I can even buy tickets to the Orioles Opening Day this week! And my own journey to warmer temperatures happens in about five short seeks as I sojourn to Sarasota for some dune and baseball. We are doing four games in four days this year!

But the ice remains--unmoved. Growing stronger which each passing hour of temperatures below freezing.

It will be gone soon!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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