Sunday, October 13, 2013

Races, Marathons, and Life

Did I ever say how impressed I am that two of my sons ran and finished a marathon yesterday? They ran 26.2 miles? I've never even walked that far in a single session. I have walked over 6 miles doing Volksmarches in Germany, but never anything over 10, let alone trying to run 26.2.

It was a great Baltimore day for running. Temperatures in the 60's, a light drizzle to keep everyone cool, and nice crowds lining the race way. The Baltimore Running Festival was awesome.

They guys started in great spirits on their 26.2 mile journey through Baltimore and the ended together--the way they trained and the way the chose to end working through the cramps and the pain to be victorious--together, a true team.

With Their Medals after the Baltimore Marathon
The video is a news clip that shows them competing in the race together at about the 13 mile mark--a half marathon distance--which is how they ended--with exactly the same time crossing the finish line.

Although they say that running is a solitary sport, these guys have proven that running can be a team sport. 

The pathway to yesterday's success began back during March as they trained for the Frederick Half-Marathon and made the decision to go for the Maryland double--completing both the Frederick Half and Baltimore Full Marathons. I remember the cold May morning in Frederick when this dynamic duo of a team conquered the Frederick Half-Marathon and I promised then that I would be there for them at the finish of the Baltimore Marathon. And I was.

I am not a runner--I don't have the right mindset for it, but I appreciate those who do run. I am in awe of their accomplishment. And they indicated that there will be more marathons in the future. 

Congrats to both of them on this awesome accomplishment.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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