Saturday, October 5, 2013

Furlough Day 5: Inoperative Tools

Today, I get to finish a project started yesterday but was left unfinished due to equipment malfunction.

The task? Trimming the ornamental grasses around the pool. The problem? The battery on the hedge trimmer died yesterday and was not sufficiently charged to complete the task. It is frustrating when tools fail to perform as required to accomplish the jobs that they must be used for. I use my hedge trimmer once per year--to trim the ornamental grasses and I expect the battery to be charged and ready to go for the task.
Trimmer without battery on the Trash Can
 where it needs to permanently reside

But, it means that I get to complete the job today, as part of my furlough day 5 tasks. Yes, although it is Saturday, it is still a furlough day because I cannot go to work, even if I wanted to.

I was encouraged by one small glimmer of hope. As reported by CBS News: 

On Friday, House Democrats unveiled a strategy that could end the impasse by October 14. They are circulating a "discharge petition" that, if signed by a majority of House members, regardless of party affiliation, could force a vote on a spending bill to reopen the government, sans any alterations to the health care law. 
That strategy aims to exploit the fissures among Republicans that have surfaced in press reports. A growing handful of GOP congressman are coming around to the idea of ending the government shutdown and living to fight over budget policy another day.

Perhaps, in a piecemeal fashion, this impasse will end.
Trimmer Battery on the Charger

Meanwhile, the list of things getting accomplished around the house continues to grow. I believe that I need to start planning a week of vacation every autumn just to take care of this stuff instead of trying to cram the activities into the already too full weekends. It is nice to get this stuff done 

I wonder if Monday will be a furlough day? Next week?

I have to be honest--if this is what retirement is like, I'm reconsidering it as a future option.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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