Thursday, October 3, 2013

Furlough Day 2 - Closing the Pool

Pool with Water Lowered Ready for the Cover
What does a federal employee do when furloughed? Stuff around the house. Yesterday was the saddest day of the year--pool closing day.

It was a beautiful day reminiscent of the summertime with temperatures into the 80's and sunshine. But, that also made it a great day to close the pool.

Since I had precious little else to do, it gave me something to do which is both critical to get done before the bulk of the leaves fall from the trees and it took my mind off the whole furlough thing.
Pool with Cover in Place for Winter

Alone, closing the pool takes about five to six hours to get everything done and all of the chemicals balanced for the winter. It is a sad day because with every action completed in the closing process I am increasing the distance from the summer fun that was experienced around the pool. 

And so now it, the pool, waits as do I for the return of longer days filled with sunshine. There are six months until pool opening day--provided the furlough ends. 

I wonder what I am going to do today? I even offered to go shopping for Chris. Can you believe it? I do know that I will stay in contact with many of my fellow furloughed friends via the magic of Facebook. We need to look out for each other--although it amy not seem like it, these are trying times.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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