Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chilly Gray Autumn Days

October 23, 2013
Gray and Chilly
Yesterday was one of those chilly, gray, autumn days that just makes me want to do nothing. I felt as if I could not  just do nothing except hang around and be a couch potato.

I noted that the leaves continue to remain valiantly attached to the trees, as if they can keep the inevitable from occurring. Yet they remain and for that I am glad. During my sojourn to upstate NY this past weekend I could see areas where the leaves have already made their way to the ground and the bare trees are evidence that autumn is transitioning into winter. Ugh!
Geranium on the Back Deck

Here in Maryland, my lawn remains green and in need of mowing. It was cold and rainy; hence, the mowing never happened. 

The gray skies just want to make me nestle under a big pile of  bed covers and let the world pass by. Unfortunately, it will not. The world keeps chasing after me despite my best efforts.

At least some color remains, until tonight when the first frost of the season is due to slide into my yard and transform the vibrant plants of summer into brown memories of the season past.

Life goes on--but the memories remain and sustain. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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