Sunday, October 6, 2013

Furlough Day 6: Completed Tasks and Uncertainty

Delivering the Ornamental Grasses to the Recycling Center
The grasses have been trimmed. The task was finally completed after realizing that operator error played a huge part in the problems I was having with my battery powered trimmer. The image I published yesterday of the battery contains the clue to the problem with the trimmer--which failed to work properly both on Friday and again on Saturday morning.  I was charging a 24V battery with an 18V charger.

Dumb!  Who knew they would fit? And the indicator confirmed that charging was occurring. Black and Decker should have known better. And, duh, so should I.

It worked a lot better after it received a 24V charge. Yay.

The job is done. The grasses are at the landfill for recycling into compost.

It was a unusually warm October day. A great day to enjoy a soccer game and work outside. A great way to get ready for the darkness and the cold which will be coming all too soon.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge ,MD

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