Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Has Autumn Gone Missing?

When I looked outside yesterday at the beginning of the holiday, I was not expecting the sight that confronted me. 

Leaves were everywhere across the yard and my pool! The trees around my yard are losing their leaves and yet have not yet transformed from their summer green into the autumn colors. 

The leaves are just falling from the mostly already barren trees without providing the autumnal display that in some way makes the season special and exciting. 

There are leaves everywhere, But I have not had the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy their burst of color. The mum and the mandevilla continue to brighten the covered pool area providing some small splash of color against the otherwise drab background which is prepared for the coming winter weather.

Many of the trees around my house have already shed their leaves in preparation for winter's howling winds. 

Even the temperatures are confusing. The mild temperatures may have confused the leaves and the trees, stifling their anticipated show. There are pockets of trees which are transforming--mostly small stands of maples it seems. 

But despite autumn's delayed arrival, it is surely here as the leaves are falling in ever increasing numbers from the trees. I need to rake the lawn and move the leaves back into the wooded areas where they can rest more comfortably.

I am sure autumn is not missing, only giving us a respite before handing off the weather to winter. And really, who wants that weather any sooner than need be?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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