Thursday, October 3, 2013

Furlough Day 3 - Defending the Homestead

As furlough Day 3 gets into full swing, I am attempting to maintain a fairly normal schedule. I played racquetball at 0530 this morning and now, in addition to watching the news hoping for sanity to return in DC,  I have a list of tasks to accomplish during the remainder of the day.

The task list is significantly different than that accomplished on normal (non-furlough) day as it includes:

1. Shopping for dinner items--a trip to Wegman's is imminent
2. Vacuuming (ugh!)
3. Picking up prescriptions (normally a stop on the way home)
4. Preparing the marinade for the meat for dinner (I do this, infrequently)
5. Cutting the grasses around the pool (normally a weekend task in the springtime)
6. Defending the homestead from the attacking hoards

Stink Bug on the Prowl

The last one is particularly problematic. My house is under siege from the ever present and ubiquitous stink bugs. Every time I look around there is another one crawling in the house that needs to be dispatched into the nethermost regions. 

They are everywhere it seems, hence ubiquitous. And they fly! My choice method of disposal is the toilet and a watery grave. I try to get three or more to flush at a time since they can't be squashed, like so many other bugs, because they stink. And implementing a catch and release policy seems self-defeating. 

I think there may be a market for the Stink Bug Eradicator! It is an invention that, I am designing during my free furlough time, sucks up the bugs and seals them into a small plastic bag for safe, stink-free disposal into the trash. No fuss, no muss, no stink, no environmentally dangerous chemicals, and better yet--no hand-to-bug contact required! I can see the ad already on the TV.

I just looked up and there a three more begging to go for a swim.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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