Friday, September 6, 2013

Thursday Night Football -- And so it Begins, ugh!

Despite the embarrassing outcome of the game for Ravens' fans, there were some good things that happened as the NFL season kicked off last night:

1. The Orioles won at home over the Chicago White Sox stopping a two-game losing streak, which is why the NFL opener was played in Denver to begin with.

2. I decided not to go to the game, even though I was in Denver.

3. I left the bar at halftime--when the Ravens had the lead 17-14.

4. I didn't wear my Ravens gear in public and therefore was not subject to childish ridicule.

5. I used to be a Broncos fan many years ago when Craig Morton was the quarterback.

6. Payton Manning did NOT set a new NFL record for touchdown passes in a game--he only tied the existing record last tied in like 1963 by Joe Capp.

7. Although giving up 49 points during a game was the most in Ravens history, they ONLY gave up 49 points. It coulda been worse!

8. There are 15 regular season games remaining.

9. The last time the Ravens lost to Denver during the regular season made them get serious and they wound up beating Denver in the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl.

10. Did I mention that the Orioles are in a playoff run and the outcome of the Ravens game last night doesn't really matter?

-- Bob Doan, writing from Denver International Airport, CO

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