Friday, September 6, 2013

Out the Hotel Window - Denver September 2013

East of Denver looking South
I was back in Denver for a few nights and got to view the mountains again in the distance. Something new happened this time though, I was on a different side of the hotel from the views I normally get. I usually get a window view looking back across the great plains at Denver International Airport or directly west to the mountains in the distance. 

This time, I was treated to a southward view. The rising sun in the east made the day come alive, especially over the field of sunflowers near the foreground. The clouds reflected the dawn creating a beautiful effect.

Sometimes there is nothing to look at outside the hotel window except for a building, a street, or a parking lot. But during this trip, I was extremely lucky--the mornings provided stunning colors and a clear view from the plains to the mountains. Yes, that is Pike's Peak in the distance.

--Bob Doan, writing from Denver, CO

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