Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Orioles Update: As September Begins

Brian Roberts
It is here. September. And the Orioles are playing meaningful September baseball. They are 2-0 in September, which is a great turn around from August.

I wrote in April about the resurgence of the Orioles. In my entry titled Picking up Where they Left off, I stated: The opening day game in Tampa had it all. Homers, great plays in the field, and even coming from behind after the Orioles has surrendered their lead and were behind 3-2 at the end of 6 innings. A five run 7th, ignited by two teal leaders who finished the season on the disabled list, Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis, put the exclamation point on why the Orioles did not need to make a flashy and expensive move to acquire outside help to cement the lineup.

I note that to start their September resurgence, it was a 7 run 7th inning that turned the fortunes of the game around. Already having lost the series to the team from up North, who shall remain nameless, and playing to avoid a sweep that seemed imminent, the Orioles bats finally came alive on Sunday. On Monday, the bats remained active against Cleveland and the Orioles notched a win that helped them move close in the wild card standings and also closer to the Division, which I have not given up on.

It is September, and although football is in the air and snow blowers are on sale at Lowe's, baseball is king.

The stars that were injured last year are healthy and producing this year and although the team's play has been less than stellar, with 26 games to play they are definitely in the hunt and their destiny remains firmly in their own hands.

Orioles Magic. Now it the time to believe.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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