Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dawn for the Morning Commute

September is swiftly slipping away, even though the thermometer reads in the 90's during the mid-part of the day, I have begun driving to work as dawn breaks. The days are shorter. Darkness is lengthening its grip on the world.

The headlights are on now in the morning. I enjoy the rising sun adorning the eastern sky with its rays always wishing that I could stop to take a few images of it as it crawls across the horizon. Or better yet, wishing that I could just stop and watch the day dawn and then go for a walk or a hike in the hills to enjoy the fresh fragrances of the morning hanging in the air.

The weather this week has me believing that it still could be August, but by the weekend, I am told, I will know that October is merely a few short days away.

Autumn is in the air as the leaves are beginning to turn color, more from the oppressive dryness than colder temperatures, but nonetheless, they adorn my pool in ever increasing numbers daily.

I noticed yesterday that there in another critter munching on my foliage. In addition to the deer and the rabbits, we are now hosting a woodchuck who is growing fat for winter on my hostas.

The changes are happening as they do every year and for every season. It is just that the preparations for the coming darkness are not nearly a joyful as watching the first blooms in the springtime.

I will enjoy the dawn, because in just a few more days, the dawn will occur after I am already at work and I will miss the sunrise.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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