Thursday, September 19, 2013

Moon at the End of the Street

 After enjoying a heated 5-year old game of organized flag football last evening and then retrieving one grandson from soccer practice as evening fell too early it seemed, I paused for a moment and noticed the moon hanging at the end of the street. 

It definitely seemed to be a harvest moon--but maybe that is because it is September. 

But there it was--in the sky at the end of the street, laughing at me it seemed knowing that it was only about 7:20 pm and already darkness was beginning to envelop my life as the day slipped into the past.

I had noticed the trees along the roadside beginning to transform from the summer green into the golds and reds of autumn the other day. I snapped a quick image just to remind myself of the scene along my drive home before the trees lose all of their leaves in preparation for winters cold. 

I feel it will be a hard and cold winter this year. I want to remember the scene, before the green is whisked away from view, hiding until the springtime heralds its return to dominance.

That harvest moon though, it just seemed to laugh at me as I looked at it. It seemed that it was telling me to just go with it and find the joy in each season and not continually try to find a way to live in perpetual summer.

I don't know--traveling from the northern hemisphere to the southern to experience springtime followed by summertime then springtime again does not sound so bad. Maybe I could then laugh at the moon.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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