Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings - September 30, 2013

1. Today is the last day of the government's fiscal year. There may not be a tomorrow as the new year may begin in the middle of a budgetary impasse.

2. Birthdays, thankfully, only happen once per year.

3. It takes a village to complete a household move in a weekend. P and T's move is complete and now they can begin living in their own home--congrats to them.

4. Watching three deer eat our flowers in the middle of the night and deciding not to do anything about it left me wondering how effective I would have been trying to save the mums anyway?

5. The regular baseball season ended yesterday. The Orioles did not make the playoffs--but at least it was a winning season and they were in the race until the last week AND took the season series from the Boston Red Sox and the unnamed team from up north. Yes, I'm disappointed with the outcome, I had hopes for much more.

6. I wonder how much money is being spent planning for a government shutdown? Shouldn't we spend money on important things and not planning for the failure of our legislative system?

7. What happened to September? It is gone! Did anything memorable happen?

8. I didn't know that my birthday is on Johnny Appleseed Day! He was born on my birthday in 1774!

9. Avoid the redesigned A320 airline seats--they are small, too small.

10. What am I supposed to do with two World Series tickets to a game that will never be played?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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