Saturday, September 21, 2013

Here Come the Rains

Rainstorm over Stuart, FL
Sitting here this morning listening to the weather report, I was encouraged about the prospect of rain before the end of the day. Unlike some areas north of us, we have been in drought conditions since early August and things are getting really dry.

We need rain--even if it is going to fall on the weekend. I remember the daily afternoon rainstorms while I was in Florida earlier this year. They were little more than a nuisance--but a necessary replenishment of the water that we have seen little of here for more than the past month.

Things are very dry--everywhere. I think the significant stream behind my house had gone nearly dry which is why the wildlife is encroaching on my lawn more and more. 

The woodchuck paid an extensive visit to my yard to eat acorns yesterday. I considered loosing the dogs to chase it away, but decided to deal with it another day. What would I do if they actually caught up with it anyway? That would be a strange situation. And, if the woodchuck eats the acorns, I don't have to clean them up from the yard! 

Bring on the rain!  Maybe the lawn will green up and I will have to mow again.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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