Friday, September 27, 2013

Boog's, Baseball, and Beer

Orioles Park at Camden Yards
September 26, 2013
I love Boog's barbecue, baseball, and beer. Last evening I made my last sojourn of the 2013 baseball season to Orioles Park at Camden Yards. It was a great evening, but there was a tinge of sadness in it. The finality of a baseball season that began with so much hope and is going to end with the Orioles just a few games short of qualifying for a post-season playoff spot has set in.

Chris snapped the awesome panorama of me in my seat for the game as a memento.  I was imagining last season as the Orioles closed in on their first playoff spot in 15 years and how the loud the crowds were then--this year, the finality of the the imminent end of the season made both the crowd and the team seem listless as they played through the innings in an eventual 3-2 Orioles victory. There wasn't much for either team to play for, it seemed. The Orioles already had wrapped up their second consecutive winning season and are playing to stay ahead of the team from up north which shall remain nameless.

Last night I enjoyed eating Boog's barbecue for the last time this season. Boog Powell was a great Orioles player from the past and I have had the honor of meeting him a number of times outside his barbecue place in the stadium. I watched some great baseball--OK, not so great, at times with all of the late season call-ups it looked like a spring training game complete with two errors. And, I paid way too much for a beer! Stadium prices!

I stood for a few moments after the game absorbing the atmosphere. I am already preparing for next season. A trip to Sarasota for Spring Training and another playoff run which will culminate in me being able to actually attend a World Series game in Baltimore. But, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. There are three games left before the Orioles' season is officially in the books. 

Let's Go O's!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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