Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Trees at the End of the Parking Lot

Walking out of the gym on Monday afternoon, I was confronted with an awesome sight--the stand of trees at the end of the parking lot were in full autumn color.

In a word--they were magnificent in their seasonal garb.

I snapped a quick picture with my phone camera. I was a little unsteady after playing four hard fought racquetball games--but I was still able to appreciate the color and the beauty there at the end of the lot.

The trees were standing in front of gray, dark clouds--which even without the sunlight to illuminate them made them seem all the more beautiful.

This is the season to notice the changes happening around me. It is much the reverse of springtime--where I notice the new green growth on the trees and then the flowers begin to show themselves. Now, it is the trees as they morph from green to reds and oranges, and yellows that cause me to pause for a moment and appreciate their transformation.

Although like the springtime, the color is only temporary, now is definitely the time to enjoy it.

Take a moment--

It will soon pass if you miss it.

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Anonymous said...

Fall is our time, to travel, to enjoy. In time there will be winter which we enjoy too, but the colors of fall are something to behold. Dallas

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