Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gap Filler Pop-pop

Other duties as assigned.

That is a phrase which is often associated with job descriptions to allow for flexibility in assigning duties and getting tasks done.

Yesterday afternoon I assumed the "other duties as assigned" part of the grandparent job description. I became the after school childcare gap filler.

I never really thought of myself as that--but in fact, the other duty was childcare with my oldest grandson, Ethan.

I re-planned my day to get to work a bit earlier so that I could depart a bit earlier to retrieve Ethan from the neighbor.

It was a beautiful day and I learned a lot about the parking lot at work at about 3pm. It is busier then than at any other time it seemed. It took me and extra 5 minutes to get out of the lot due to pedestrian traffic and cars.

Actually I was looking forward to spending quality alone time with Ethan. We have always gotten along really well and I remember when he was a little baby, I was the first person his mother trusted to watch him for an afternoon--I don't remember the details of that day--but he was a snugly baby and we spent a few hours asleep together on the sofa.

In short the experience yesterday was great for both of us--and I'm told he was really looking forward to time with Pop-pop. I hope I didn't disappoint him--and I don't think I did. We were pretty relaxed and things seemed to go very well.

I was nice when Nicole and Jax arrived--but E and I pretty much stayed on the sofa, chillin' and Jax joined us for a bit. Which was nice, too.

So for a few every other Wednesdays--E and I will be spending time together and the Pop-pop other duties as assigned expansion will likely be as enjoyable for both of us as it was today. Sometimes it is nice to be flexible and willing to try out new things--the results can be very rewarding.

In this case it was easy, just chillin' and spending time together with Ethan

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