Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Playing with Images

I was trying to get an image of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

They were very hazy in the distance on this glorious Sunday afternoon.

The image though, as I took it I knew would not come out very well.

So with my trusty computer in hand, I did some enhancement of the image to bring out the mountains a bit and give it a little artistic quality.

The mountains in the distance were beautiful. The landscape in between was showing the first signs of autumn, with trees beginning to don their autumn finery.

I was standing on the south balcony of James Madison's home at Montpelier. I worked hard to frame the image with the black walnut tree in the foreground.

It was all hard work.

If I was talented as a painter--I might have come up with something like this.

But I'm not.

So I get to enjoy playing with image manipulation programs.

It is still a memory, too.

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