Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spider lurking in the tree

Outside Nicole and Mike's home the other afternoon was a very large spider--going about the business of creating a huge, just in time for Halloween web.

The web was not confined to only one tree, not this industrious arachnoid was busy involving two trees into its web. I wonder if it was hunting for small birds or children? This is an example of an orb-weaving spider and according to the description, it was doing exactly what it is known for--weaving a large web between objects.

This also must be small animal week--given the depressing blog yesterday about the small frog that attempted to cross the parkway.

This spider though is big! Compared to spiders.

It was a very industrious spider and I am sure it will be rewarded with a satisfying meal of some large insect.

I was fascinated, for a few moments, watching the spider work. After a while though, it noticed me and ceased working and began watching me watching it.

It was an interesting stand-off and the spider proved victorious when I got bored watching it do nothing and moved along.

But is was a beautiful afternoon after the storms to notice the bugs and animals around the area.

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