Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flu Shots

They say we should get them.

And I did--yesterday, but secretly I wish I hadn't.

My arm hurts where I got the shot. The health care professional told me it would and it was because of the shot, not the person giving it. Some gallows humor I guess.

The price was right--free, and I got to get some time away from my desk to get the shot.

Still, I feel like a Guinea pig. Test driving the shot for millions of others who have yet to get it or decide they need one.

This year they have included the swine flu shot we received separately last year. I'm sure there will be some new flu they haven't thought about which will require a second stick.

I hate needles. I just can't look at them as they penetrate my skin. I'm afraid I'll tense up or something and then bad things will happen.

But I lived through it.

So I guess I recommend the experience.

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