Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blahs of Life

Sometimes I feel as if I'm just playing out the string--especially in these days between baseball and hockey. Kind of like what the Orioles did for the past month or so.

It is just tough--two days with no baseball as the playoffs are scheduled to start later today.

The other night it was so bad I mostly watched a chick flick with Chris--"Letters to Juliette." I mean really? I had a Monday night with almost anything to do and I watched a chick flick. If there had been baseball on TV--it would have been on.

It was so bad that I went out and filled up Chris' gas tank in her car for her--just to get a break.

With it getting dark so early now I really don't know what to do with my evenings--except look out the window into the darkness and wish for summer.

I think I need a trip to the beach or something.

I had forgotten how dark it gets so early and we still haven't switched off daylight savings time yet! Ugh!

I just need to strive to enjoy the daylight more. And it is supposed to warm up again as the week moves along. We will struggle to see 70's it seems.

And so I'm just blah!

It is even spilling over into my racquetball--I'm playing totally uninspired. Although last night, in an effort to beat the blahs, Chris had a stunning meal ready when I stumbled through the door after getting thrashed on the racquetball court again.

That was nice and served to chase away the blahs for a while.

But they are still out there. Lurking.

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