Sunday, October 24, 2010

Late October Reality

The cool wind, almost cold, that blew me through the breezeway at work was a real shock the other day at lunch.

I had not felt a wind that cold in many months--and I was immediately transported back to last winter when the frigid winds blew unchecked across the landscape bringing with them record amounts of snowfall.

I can still see the whiteouts associated with the Snowpocalypse. And feel the chill all the way to my bones.

But have no fear, the NOAA is reporting that this winter should be a more normal 18 inches of snowfall variety, with temperatures a bit warmer.

That will sure be a welcome relief to my beleagured budget when confronted by the astronomic electric bills associated with too much cold and its associated snow.

The cool wind chilled me.

And I stood straighter and squared my shoulders into the wind so that it would not get the best of me.

But I know what is coming.

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