Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday Catch-up

It is funny how a quick trip to the dump turned into an all day series of projects--some of which still beg for completion.

The day started pleasantly enough with Chris and Riordan enjoying a moment on the sofa before it was off to the lab for blood work in advance of a physical.

After a short breakfast we decided to rid the hacienda of excess junk that had piled up during the summer. One additional item which finally made its way to recycling was was an old Honda engine which had been reclining under a counter in the garage for almost eight years--it is finally being recycled.

Patrick and Tina arrived to help and we also sorted through attic holdings that were beginning to burst out all over. It is funny how attics quickly become the black holes of the home--things go in but never come out.

The truck was full as Patrick and I headed for the recycling center--and I am happy to report that only a very small amount of the overall load were not able to be recycled.

Chris and Tina took a load of clothing to the Salvation Army for donation--and amazingly did not pick anything up while they were there.

But did the day end there?


We all went out to an enjoyable lunch and then it was on to other projects--moving beds and finally, after over a month of consideration and planning, placing the TV in the family room on a wall mount.

Is any project easy? No. the TV mount required three trips to Lowe's, including changing the original mount which didn't fit the TV to complete the project. I also discovered a number of wires and pipes in the wall--right where I wanted to put the new electric outlet. OK--so I do have some patchwork to complete.

We shot this image after the TV was mounted to the wall but before we had removed the base that it had been sitting on for almost two years. It kinda looks suspended in space.

As as darkness fell--and the carry out Chinese arrived--the day began to come to completion. The TV was finished--although there is a mattress in the garage that displaced Cat for the night.

All in all though--a productive day and an enjoyable one.

I slept well.

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