Saturday, September 5, 2009

Here I am Whining Again

OK--there is someplace I'd rather be, OK!

There I said (or wrote) it!

On the water and even better, under it someplace warm and tropical!

Yes, I know it is the weekend, and I know I have a lot of stuff to do. But it is Labor Day weekend and that, as everyone knows, is the true end of summer.

Clothing changes, work resumes with a vengeance, and we begin the "gathering" process of preparing for the cold, dark, bleak, desolate (did I say dark?) winter ahead.

We leave the warmth and sunlight behind.

Do we need winter to make us appreciate summer more? I say no!

Remember, I'm the crazy the decided to leave upstate New York and go to college south of Miami! The only reason I came back to graduate from Syracuse was that my class time started to interfere with my beach time.

Not a good frame of mind to be in if one actually wants to graduate from college. The snow and cold of Central New York got me straightened out, fast!

I definitely need one more diving trip before the season ends. Spend some time with the fishes. Or sailing--with the waves.
Summer--the time to live and it seems we spend the remainder of the year getting ready for it or planning for it.

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