Friday, September 18, 2009

People you meet along the way

I've been at a conference this week in Denver. I was reminded, as I reestablished ties with some friends and many acquaintances that each person we meet and interacts with leaves a part of themselves with you.

Likewise, we leave a part of ourselves with each person we meet.

Sometimes we leave a good part. Something witty or intelligent. But I also know that I have left some pretty scathing parts of myself with those unfortunate enough to have crossed my path in a negative way.

I'm not proud of that. It just happens sometimes and I have to work hard not to allow my emotions to boil over.

OK maybe I got a bit exercised at one point during the conference. But fortunately I stopped short of delivering a scathing fire-breathing monologue. (Yes I have been known to do that on occasion)

I asked myself: is it worth it and will I achieve my intended result. When the answer to both was no, I dismounted my stallion of "righteous intent" and began to work more calmly within the system to make my point.

I think I left those in attendance with a better, rather than worse piece of myself.

Bob Doan
Elkridge, MD
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