Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Birthday--2009

Thanks to all who contacted me to wish me a happy birthday--it was great.

Here are some of the highlights of the day:

1:30am - dog wakes up and needs to go out
4:00am - dog can't sleep wakes me up, I move the dog and myself downstairs to the couch to let Chris sleep
6:00am - I hear the grandfather clock chime
6:15am - I hear the chimes again
6:30am - Dog unhappy again, give her more water and food
7:00am - Chris hears me and calls me back to bed, she takes the shift with the dog
9:20am - wake up after sleeping hard and stumble downstairs and talk to Mom on the phone
10:00am - boat concert canceled due to rotten weather (something about small craft advisory on the bay and of course--the rain!)--plan B at a friends house
11:30am - head out shopping to get food for Sunday
1:00pm - nap (yay)
2:45pm - head off to the house concert (former boat concert)
3:10pm - house concert, wine club, fun afternoon/evening with friends
8:30pm - home from the concert
9:30pm - the old people turn in for the night because the restless-dog night before is getting to us

So a sedate, but interesting day.

The band at the house concert was ilyaimy They are very good with a country/folk/modern/new grass sound. I was impressed with their tight harmonies. We had a really good time and we also drank some great wine and ate some awesome food at the concert.

A great birthday! I won't detail gifts because, well, that's a bit conceited. But thanks to all who also gave me very nice gifts.

I will write, though, that I won a prize at the wine club--a book: How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time: and have her beg for more! And on top of that, I learned what a riddler is! (nope--not Batman's nemesis!)

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