Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Leaves and Autumn

I just could not believe the number of leaves which fell from the trees and made their way into my pool over the weekend.

It reminded me of the last time we had a major thunderstorm--except--this time no storm.

I began the shut down process last evening and I was reminded this morning as I was taking the pool cleaner out of the pool in 50 degree weather that the days of swimming and lounging on a floatie are over for 2009!

It is time to secure summer and pack it away for the 2010 edition.

It's really rotten though when you think of it, here it is almost October and the pool is closed not to be enjoyed again until May. That is like 7 months away! The agony of it all. The thought of living somewhere the pool can be open year round really appeals to me.

The falling leaves just remind me that I am already behind the power curve on the pool.

On our abbreviated walk with Makayla last evening , Chris and I saw a tree already devoid of leaves. I remarked that they were all in my pool!

But--we are off to Charlottesville this weekend for an Autumn three-day weekend of wine and fun! That should be nice. Except I'll be further behind in my pool closing. Ugh! So much to do, so little time.

Well, I remind myself when I am behind in racquetball that I only need to win the next point. Similarly, I only need to get done today what needs to get done today; looking at the mountain ahead of me will only make me----
a. scared
b. depressed
c. want to run away
d. quit
e. go read a book
f. some or all of the above!

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