Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting above it all

Some days, it would be nice to get above all the noise and find a quiet almost serene place.

I saw this balloon the other day-against the blue sky on a beautiful afternoon. Just floating along being carried by the wind.

Some days--as I am stuck in the rat-race, or lost in the maze, I wish I could get my head up above the mundane and get a better eye on where I'm headed.

It must be freeing to be drifting on the breeze and to be going where the wind takes you and not able to really have control. Knowing only that whatever comes, you are ready for it. At least you can see where it is you are heading and prepare for it! A lot better than getting blindsided on the ground.

We need to take a few minutes and in our minds, create a place where we can drift on the wind for a minute and get our bearings. We might not like the course we are on, or we might be able to see an obstacle coming along.

Be like a person in a balloon, get up above the confines of daily life. There is no reason for us to run from one task to another without poking our heads up for a reality check.

Take a deep breath, slow down. Assess your life and if you think it is out of control, take back control.

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