Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sailing off into the Sky

I guess that as September has arrived (even though I am still in denial) it is nice to kind of project out where we are headed.

Sometimes, it seems as if we are a ship out on the open ocean--alone for a far as the eye can see. Charting our course for sights and lands unknown. We become the captains of our own ships and chart our own course without regard for those around us--because we can't see them.

I guess I sometimes dream of being the solitary ship headed off for adventure.

But it is September after all.

It is birthday season for our family--the celebrations begin in a few weeks and continue through April. Poor Ethan--he gets so tired of singing Happy Birthday for everyone else in the family before he brings up the end in April. Even Jax slipped in front of him!

And of course then there is the multiple holiday season--Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.

And football season and hockey season and the World Series!

And the famously politically incorrect remembrance--Columbus Day where the subjugation of the indigenous peoples of the America's began.

And the planning for weddings, and a new grandson and all of the excitement they bring.

July was tame by comparison!

Anyone have a spare weekend I can borrow?

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