Friday, September 21, 2018

The Last Full Day of Summer

The last full day of summer has arrived. Autumn officially begins tomorrow at 9:54 PM EDT. At that time the Sun will cross the equator to preparing to spend the winter season in the southern hemisphere. I never thought about the Sun being a "snowbird" before. I want to be a snowbird when I grow up!

Pool Pump Motor - Non-Functional
September 21, 2018
It is fitting that as summer ends, tomorrow is also pool closing day. To make the closing process more interesting, the motor for the pump burned out two days ago. What a fitting end to the pool season. I admit, I knew the motor was nearing the end of its useful life due to the noise it was making, but I was hoping it would make it to the end of the season. It did not. At least the neighbors are likely happy to have relative silence during the daytime hours now.

Not having a working pump motor makes closing the pool a bit more difficult since I have to lower the water level in preparation for the winter and mix a witch's brew of chemicals into the remaining water. Fortunately, I have a back-up pump which can help me accomplish the task.

Pool closing is a sad day around my house. It marks the official end of the swimming season. It is fitting that it will be accomplished on the last day of Summer as Autumn is preparing to arrive. I am hopeful of documenting the day with Radio Flyer, which has been grounded for almost a month now by weather and my busy schedule.

First, however, I have to make it through another Friday! I don't know why so many people look forward to Friday. I'm a much bigger fan of Saturday!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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