Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sitting by the Pool

The YMCA of Pasadena
September 25, 2018
Sometimes it does not have to be my own pool. Sitting by a pool brings back the feeling of summer, especially on a humid evening after the storms have cleared a bit.

The evening ended in beautiful fashion. The skies cleared a bit and sitting  by the pool at the Y watching Lucas practice was not so bad.  It was an hour away from the noise that complicates life, like traffic. 

Chris and I retrieved Lucas about 4:45 PM for a 5:30 PM practice and made it through traffic, with the help of Waze. During the hour that we were waiting, the skies began to clear a bit and the Sun even made an appearance. 

Today is, however, the cross-over day as the Sun rises at 6:59 AM and sets at 6:59 PM. After today, it is all downhill into the dark season.

Hopefully, the rain for clear soon and we can begin to enjoy outdoors activities again. The almost 80 degree temperatures of yesterday reminded me of a nice summer afternoon. 

And I was sitting by a pool. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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