Saturday, September 29, 2018

Life Achievements - Jax

Program for the Induction
September 26, 2018
I was honored, Wednesday evening, to attend a ceremony inducting Jax into the National Elementary Honor Society. 
Jax making his Entrance
September 26, 2018

While I often write about Jax's exploits on the sports field, mostly baseball, but he is also a very good student. 

It was a short but significant ceremony to mark the occasion and I am happy that every so often, scholarly pursuits receive the attention that they deserve. I am guilty of focusing on athletic more than academic achievement. Perhaps it is because as a society we do not appreciate academic achievements in the same way that athletics are worshipped.

Jax with Jack
Academic and Athletic
September 26, 2018
That needs to change.

But, in the case of Jax, he is good at both athletics and academics, and that is rare. Not surprisingly, one of his best friends, Jack, was also at the induction and like Jax, he is also a solid athlete!

Good friends in sports and school!

It was a great evening followed by a good dinner celebration.

Life celebrations. They deserve to be remembered!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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