Friday, July 28, 2023

Tab A into Slot B

Looking from Dining Room to Patio
Tequesta, FL
July 28, 2023
 Assembly projects. 

They can be daunting. Some companies are masters of selling items with "some assembly required," like Ikea and Wayfair. 

Yesterday Chris and I assembled the patio furniture that we ordered from Wayfair. 

Riordin on the Sofa
Tequesta, FL
July 27, 2023
Yes, we finally decided to upgrade the patio and make it into that outdoor living space that we have been missing since we left Maryland. We did not bring our outdoor furniture with us because it was too large for the tiny patio that we have now. And so, we have been waiting to find a properly scaled set to help us enjoy our screened paradise.

Riordin quickly decided that he liked the sofa. He napped on it for most of the afternoon. His asthma seemed better in the warm, humid afternoon atmosphere.

Assembly projects remind me that I still need to be able to use skills I learned in kindergarten: Insert Tab A into Slot B! The assembly project went well, except for the obligatory problem. Every assembly project has at least one problem and this one was an improperly drilled screw hole. I was able to overcome the problem by finding a larger bolt. There is always something, but I have to admit, the instructions were generally good, if not humorous in the way they were written. The translation from the original language into English left something to be desired. I don't understand why companies can take a moment to hire native language speakers to ensure that the written language can be comprehended. For instance:

"Locate each Left arm (A) and Right arm (B) to the Chair backrest (C) by the pre-drilled threads."

Huh? Seriously, and I retained the original capitalization of the instruction. 

Ah, the joys of assembly projects.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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