Friday, July 21, 2023

Return to the Chesapeake

Most of the Family
Chesapeake Bay, MD
July 20. 2023
(Image from Popcorn 3, by Patrick)

 Returning to the Chesapeake yesterday in a boat, we enjoyed a family outing. We began the journey at a marina on the South River and motored down the river and into the Chesapeake. Our trusty Sea Ray boat handled the load with ease. It was rated for 12 people or 3300 pounds. We had 7 people aboard and we no where near the maximum load. 

Part of the load included Popcorn 3, Patrick's small drone. We had decided that if the weather was cooperative and the spirit moved us, we would try to fly the drone form the boat. It was risky, because the boat was drifting in the current and had there been a problem, the drone would have landed at the spot from which it went airborne and of course due to the drift the boat would no longer have been at that location. We decided on a spot along the Northside of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge out of the shipping channel, which was fairly busy with barge traffic. 

We had toured Annapolis before heading north to the Bay Bridge. The day was warm and overcast, but the bay was relatively calm with a light chop that became more noticeable north of the bridge. We had music to enjoy over the drone of the engine. 

It was a great afternoon and great fun. After boating we retired to Lures, a local restaurant, for Happy hour and dinner. 

I enjoyed being out on the water in the Chesapeake and on the South River again.

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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