Thursday, July 20, 2023

From the end of the Dock

Bay Nettle Jellyfish at Ram's Head Dockside
Glen Burnie, MD
July 19, 2023

 Last evening, Chris and I joined Patrick and Jen at a local tavern on Marley Creek for happy hour. We arrived a bit late and were only able to enjoy the last half-hour of happy hour, but we more than made up for it by getting our food and drink orders in quickly.

The tavern is on the creek and has a dock for boaters to motor-up and tie-up. Being a Wednesday, it was not very crowded, which was good. Patrick and I walked out onto the dock and were looking into the water marveling at the bounty of fish which were present. And then, off the end of the dock, I spied one of the most interesting jellyfish that I have seen. Its tentacles were very long and it was leisurely making its way through the water. 

It was a warm, but not excessively humid evening and it was enjoyable, just watching the jellyfish swim in the sill waters of the creek. I was very happy that I have never run into a jellyfish with tentacles a long when snorkeling or swimming. 

Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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