Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Is there a Plan?


Following the news can be both humorous and frustrating.

As I watch one of the two major political parties in our country implode, it has become clear that democracy is on the line.

The allegations that the Department of Justice and law enforcement have become weaponized are the first step in destroying the rule of law in our country. And that the Speaker of the House immediately jumped on the bandwagon to condemn the "target" letter that was issued without reviewing the allegations and evidence show just how low the party of Lincoln is willing to stoop.

I find some of the statements coming out of members of the party humorous, such as the statement (in yellow below) by Marjorie Taylor Green:

“I approve this message.”

Joe Biden’s Twitter account put that line over an ad using the words of Georgia Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Turning Points Action Conference speech from last weekend, in which she set out to tear down the president’s policies but ended up making him sound terrific. 

The description she intended to be derogatory—that Biden “had the largest public investment in social infrastructure and environmental programs that is actually finishing what FDR started, that LBJ expanded on”—was such an argument in Biden’s favor that the Biden-Harris campaign used it to advertise what the Democratic administration stands for: “[p]rograms to address education, medical care, urban problems, rural poverty, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, labor unions.” (Letters from an American)

Apparently, except for chaos and deception, there is no plan. The attacks on Women's Rights, the LGBTQ+ community, voting rights, and military readiness continue unabated by the party's members and apparently are condoned by leadership.

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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