Saturday, January 14, 2023

Wonder of the Seas - Day 7, Labadee, Haiti

Labadee, Haiti
January 13, 2023
We made our return to Labadee yesterday. Chris and I had been on another Royal Caribbean cruise which visited Labadee in the days before Coco Cay was completed. Labadee has a very different vibe from Coco Cay. I find it more relaxed with the primary focus being on the ocean and beach time. The water park portion of the site is not nearly as diverse as is Coco Cay.

That written, we had a very enjoyable day lounging in the shade of a large tree just off the beach. We found a strategically located spot near a drink station and a rest room. The day started with beautiful blue skies and calm water. Idyllic. The Royal Caribbean area seems very separated from the rest of Haiti. The area does sport a Straw Market with locals selling their wares, they are very aggressive, but Royal Caribbean security keeps them in check. 

Drones in the Effectors 2 Show
Wonder of the Sea
January 13, 2023
For the late afternoon and evening we retired to the ship. One of the highlights of the trip was the evening show in the Royal Theater, The Effectors 2: Crash and Burn. Like the aqua show we attended earlier in the trip it was top quality, exciting, and supremely interesting. In this show I was amazed at the use of multiple drones and lasers. I wonder if they have ever had a drone fail during the performance?

I didn't realize that it was Friday the 13th until the day was mostly over.

Angry North Atlantic
Wonder of the Seas
January 14, 2023

And finally, the trip back to Port Canaveral is a rough and windy one. The ship is very large and we hardly feel the rough North Atlantic. 

We expect to have a good day on the ocean, but the Captain advised us yesterday that the open upper deck would be closed or access would be severely restricted due to the high winds. I looked at the weather map and it seems we may be sailing into a 30 mph headwind at about 25 mph. Does that equal 55 mph over the deck? I don't know.  

Should be a fun day.

-- Bob Doan, Wonder of the Seas, North Atlantic

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