Friday, January 13, 2023

Wonder of the Seas - Day 6, Puerto Plata

Sailing into Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Wonder of the Seas
January 12, 2023

 The day began rainy and overcast. It was the first rain we had experienced on the trip. We did not tie-up until 11 AM and could not get off the ship until about 11:30 AM. Chris and I did leave the ship to visit a place we had not before visited. 

There is not much in Puerto Plata, yet. We explored the cruise terminal area and there are a number of shops and it is clear that the locals are trying to turn the cruise port into a shopping Mecca. There is a lot of construction in the terminal area and based upon the portion that has been completed, the end result is going to be very nice. 

Now for conditions outside the terminal area. We were confronted with a Cozumel-like commotion. Lots of taxis trying to drag Chris and me off to unknown locations. We walked along the street to the edge of the town, there was not much to see and we decided to return to the ship, running the gauntlet in the opposite direction. 

Back on the Wonder of the Seas we were treated to a relaxing afternoon in the Solarium hot tubs enjoying multiple conversations with other travelers. The ship provided an afternoon parade which was more of a show. It was one of the finest parades I have experienced and it surpassed Disney in creativity. 

Dinner was at a specialty restaurant called the Mason Jar. It is a southern style restaurant and the country band was playing live music to accompany our meal in the adjoining bar. It was a great meal and a fun time.

Exhausted, we collapsed into our bed at the end of another full day. 

Today we are in Labadee, Haiti! And the cruise is rapidly coming to a conclusion.

-- Bob Doan, Wonder of the Seas, Labadee, Haiti 

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