Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Wonder of the Sea - Day 4, Sea Day

Brown Booby
Wonder of the Seas, North Atlantic
January 10, 2023

 Day 4 was an at sea day. 

I enjoy at sea days because there is less stress about what are we going to do or where we are going to go. Such was the truth yesterday.

I spent some time trying to image the brown boobys flying next to the ship. That was fun. They are beautiful seabirds who gracefully navigate the winds and surf. I managed a few good images. They were flying in formation with the ship and they were so close. It's was inspiring to watch them fly, dance, and dive into the ocean to gather breakfast. 

Chris and I managed a 2-mile walk around the ship, just for fun. Later I called my Dad and wished him a happy 95th Birthday. Thank goodness for Wifi calling!

Looking Down on a Brown Booby
North Atlantic Ocean
January 10, 2023

The day was punctuated by spending time in the hot tubs and learning the game Magic - The Gathering. I am truly a novice, but the game is very interesting and as complex as one deems it necessary to be. 

We closed out the night at a Karaoke Bar singing. Or attempting to sing. Adult beverages made the event seem even better than it was. 

-- Bob Doan, Wonder of the Sea, North Atlantic headed for Puerto Rico

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