Monday, January 9, 2023

Wonder of the Seas -Day 2, Nassau

Nassau Port from Popcorn II
Nassau, Bahamas
January 8, 2023

 The cruise continues. Chris and I spent a day in Nassau, Bahamas, and actually found something different to explore. 

We visited the Queen’s Staircase.


But before we were able to get there we had to navigate the 20,000 or so people who were getting off the 6, yup count them, cruise ships in port. Three of which were Royal Caribbean ships. Patrick was able to fly his drone and obtained this really cool image of the port with all 6 ships. You have to look close because only the very stern of one can be seen. It is a stunning image. 

Patrick, Jen, Chris, Me
Base of the Queens’s Staircase
Nassau, Bahamas
January 8, 2023

 The Queen’s Staircase was built in the late-1830s by freed slaves as a tribute to Queen Victoria. It comes down the hill from the fort and was carved out of solid limestone. It is impressive. We took a short taxi ride to the top of the stairs, walked down the stairs and then, stopping only to fly Patrick’s drone, Popcorn II, walked back into town. Total cost was $5.

After that we enjoyed some time in a local establishment and then returned to the ship to watch the final week of the NFL season. 

For the evening, Chris and I enjoyed the aqua show on the whip which is titled, Intense. And it is. Very enjoyable and worthwhile  it was good to be on a ship with real entertainment.

— Bob Doan, Wonder of the Sea, Coco Cay, Bahamas

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