Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Bike Ride

Yesterday was an exciting day, in terms of bike riding.

When I bought my NordicTrack S22I trainer, I developed a route, a tough route, which went from my Tequesta home north along US 1 to the Hobe Sound Natural Wildlife Preserve and then back home riding along Beach Road on Jupiter Island past the uber-expensive homes. It was a 23 mile trip requiring two drawbridge crossings and riding along a fairly narrow 2-lane road as well as risking life and limb along US-1.

The Ocean
Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge
January 27, 2023
It was a great ride. I had not done the ride before because I did not want to do it alone. Thursday evening my friend Fran suggested we make the ride, and that is what we did yesterday. I logged just over 23 miles, he rode from his house which is a bit longer and I believe he logged over 25 miles.

The day was cold! Yes, for South Florida it was cold and windy. The temperature was about 63 degrees when we set off under overcast skies and facing, at times, a headwind of 15-20 mph. The ride north was tough. Along US-1 the wind was in our faces and this particular stretch of US-1 undulates continuously. Once we got off US-1, the wind was broken by vegetation and buildings. The ride south along Beach Road, heading home, saw us post an 5-mile average speed of 15.8 mph, which is definitely high due to the wind assist at our backs. The total elapsed time of the trip was just over 2 hours, including stopping at Hobe Sound to view the ocean.

Surprisingly, we were not the only crazy bikers out riding. We passed more than a few others enjoying the day and the relatively light traffic of Beach Road. I enjoyed looking at the multi-million dollar, (some into the $30Ms) houses along the road and biking past the high-end golf course.

So now that I have finally ridden in real life the ride that I had ridden so many times on my exercise cycle using Google maps, I am anxious to do it again with Chris, as soon as we get her up to riding in the 20 mile range. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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