Friday, May 6, 2022

We Did What?


Cinco de Mayo Lunch
May 5, 2022
ELkridge, MD
Chris and I have been in packing mode for much of the past two weeks. We are aggressively downsizing and determining which possessions will move to Florida and which will be disposed through sale or donation. I have to admit--the sale is not going well. I have only actually sold a few items--but there is time. Of the items planned for Florida, we are packing those which we can live without between now and arrival in Florida. That includes three sets of dishes!

Yesterday afternoon, however, it happened. We ran out of packing material. That really put a damper on the process. More will be arriving today when the Amazon truck shows up in front of the house, but we will have to focus on aspects of downsizing which do not require packing--like reducing my closet. I am still carrying my full wardrobe from when I was having to go to work everyday. I am hoping that I can significantly reduce my holdings to something more manageable. Goodwill will definitely be receiving sport coats and dress shirts and pants this afternoon!

Despite the downsizing effort, there was time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. As I expected to be playing a baseball game during the evening meal time, we celebrated at lunchtime with some margaritas and chips! I make a great margarita!

After all of that, the baseball game turned into practice on the outfield grass because the infield was mud!

What a day! Did I mention I was able to mow the lawn?

We did what yesterday? I wonder what today will bring?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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