Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Split, the heat, and the cool pool


Jax In-between Games
Bowie, MD
May 21, 2022
On a hot Summer-like day it was time for a baseball doubleheader.

The Severn Seminoles 14U baseball team played two solid games in the 90 degree weather and split with the Bowie Bulldogs. Had the Seminole bats warmed up during the first game, it could easily have been won. 

The official high for the region, taken at BWI Airport was 91 degrees yesterday, but the "feels-like" was over 100 degrees due to the humidity. The team survived and played some great baseball because the dugout was covered and the boys were able to stay out of the sun when not on the field. The coaching staff, and parents, also encouraged everyone to drink water at every opportunity. I actually felt bad for the umpire, there was only one yesterday instead of the usual two, he was in the sun constantly for each game and he called consistent and fair games. 

Game 1
Bowie, MD
May 21, 2022

Game 2
Bowie, MD
May 21, 2022

Unlike major league baseball, we get to switch between home and away when playing a doubleheader. The success for the games was really on the shoulders of the pitchers who minimized walks and pitched out of some tough jams, but also on the entire team for hanging together in the heat and playing generally rock-solid baseball. Winning, or losing, is a team effort and everyone contributed yesterday. 

An injury suffered by a Bowie player that took time to resolve was the reason that the second game only went 6 innings (actually 5 1/2) since the home team (Seminoles) was ahead as time expired. Fortunately, indications are that the Bowie player will be OK, but he had to leave the game. Baseball injury time is not added to the time limit, unlike soccer. 

The picture of Jax between games really shows the hard part of playing a doubleheader. His uniform is dirty from sliding back into base, he is hot, and yet he was the starting pitcher for the second game. He posted a solid line: 3 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 2 SO, 14 BF, 49 P - 27 S. I can also write that in English: 3 innings pitched, 2 runs allowed, 0 earned runs charged, 2 walks, 2 strike outs, 14 batters faced, 49 pitches thrown - 27 of those were strikes.

As for the pool--I was hot after the game. I consumed a great amount of cold water during the drive home, which fortunately was not excessive. But, when I got home to the "ready for Summer" pool, I admit to falling into it to fully cool off from the heat. Even though the 70-something degree water was a bit of a shock when I first dove it, it really did the trick and returned both my body temperature and mind-set to the proper temperature. 

Who says a pool needs to be 80 degrees to be enjoyed. Oh wait, that was me! I am corrected.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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