Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Was that number really 70?


Springtime Flowers Alongside the House
Elkridge, MD
May 10, 2022
Officially, at BWI airport the temperature yesterday never reached 70. But at my house it did! Yay!

I never believed that I would be excited about temperatures in the 70s, but I changed out of my jeans and put on shorts to celebrate the more moderate and seasonal temperatures. 

I was almost giddy with excitement as Chris and I took Finnegan for a walk. It was actually warm. The sun felt good, almost like Florida, on my exposed skin.

The warm afternoon temperature also encouraged the lilac bush alongside the house to burst into bloom and its sweet fragrance filled the afternoon air on my porch. The image actually shows the bleeding hearts, lily of the valley, and the lilac bush all in bloom--although, in different stages of blooming. 

Hopefully, the days ahead will be warmer and Spring can finally take hold.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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