Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Faucet Repair, Part 2

 After opening the treasure chest to pay for a plumber to repair an exterior faucet and thinking the problem was solved, there is a part 2 to the story. 

The faucet does not leak when it is turned off. That is the good news. The plumber departed believing that everything was good. 

The next day I actually used the faucet. Trouble, unbeknownst to me, began as soon as I turned on the water. The faucet, while providing water to the hose was also spraying water behind the wall into the house. Yup, huge mess. Fortunately, I needed to go into the basement and heard the water running behind the wall and was able to minimize the mess and damage. 

I had initially thought that the solder joint had failed, but upon further investigation I determined the water was coming into the house from inside of the the concrete wall itself indicating that the faucet was broken. And unusable. My diagnosis was confirmed by a plumber yesterday who will be returning today with the proper tools to chip away the concrete packing that the first plumber placed around the new and apparently broken faucet.

Today should be interesting as the plumber wrestles with this disaster. Yesterday I asked the plumber that was assigned to correct the problem why the other plumber used concrete as packing instead of silicone, which was used by the original faucet repairer over five years ago. Without vocalizing an answer, he gave me a look that said it all. And now the concrete must be chipped away, piece by piece. 

One wonders why the other plumber never turned the faucet on to see if it worked.

We may never know.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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